Online Or Offline Dating… Does It Really Matter?

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Best Sites To Mail Order Brides & To Date Online In 2023

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Have you ever thought, how many opportunities do we have today? Life seems to be so manageable, like humanity can control everything. Distance, time, language or cultural barriers are not obstacles any more. To get married with a woman who lives on the other side of the earth? As a piece of cake!

There is such a concept as a Mail Order Bride. Probably, you have never come across this combination or don’t know for sure what it means. Here we are going to sort out everything. Yet our team dares to assure you in advance, your long distance romantic story will be vivid, sensual and emotional.

Actually, mail order bride is a woman who wants to meet a partner through an online dating site. A lot of people are of the mind that mail order brides are ready to marry anyone just to get rid of poverty or leave a native country. To put it in a nutshell, they have exceptionally mercantile reasons. Complete nonsense! Not all ladies from Russia dating sites are from poor families or dangerous places. The reasons to refer to such services are more sophisticated.

Some women are too busy with their careers, so they simply can not afford to waste their precious time on countless dates which end with nothing. Such a lady is serious, determined, she knows exactly what does she really need and is not ready for games. She will be absolutely sincere with you from the very beginning. Moreover, she does not care at all, where a man is from. The only thing that really matters is to be accepted without pretense.

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As for Asian brides, they have some other reasons. As you know, Asian countries are very traditionalist and patriarchal. They still follow the ancient national laws and traditions, which presuppose plenty of restrictions for women. That is why, the female part of their society prefers to find a partner with another mindset. For example Phillipino brides and Thai brides are in a search of a decent man, they could reveal their own personalities with, but not to be strictly tied to traditions.

Also there are a lot of active, courageous girls like Ukrainian brides who can not stand monotony. Marriage with a foreigner is like a lifetime adventure for them. You know, people from different cultures are like an endless puzzle for each other. Ukrainian brides amaze a partner, teach him something new, open new horizons. Thus, life of such a couple can not be boring. It embodies travels, new places, traditions, cuisines, new people and new knowledge at last.

Online dating benefits

Beyond all questions, long distance love is a unique and captivating experience. Unfortunately, there are too many negative thoughts around it. Yes, it is not an easy process, but definitely worth it. Believe us, all your prejudices will be dispelled by the following arguments.

No rash decisions

Long distance relationships mean that partners do not see each other as often as they wish, still these relations tend to be deeper and more meaningful, as they are built on sincere talks. Talking on such a deep level helps people to get to know each other well. Besides, they have enough time to understand whether they really can cope with each other’s drawbacks. Thereby all the decisions in this union are well-thought and reasonable.

Love and desire are never confused

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Being far from the partner, people have emotional attraction rather than physical. They can not succumb to passion only. No doubt, sex is an important component of relations, but not a dominant one. Deep feelings and love-making in tandem create titanic inexplicable
energy. But what is sex only? Just a physical process. In long distance stories bonds are really profound and strong. It is not about dalliance, it is about love.

You will not lose yourself

Are you intrigued? Well, very often partners who spend plenty of time together take over each others’ features, behavior, life views. They become like shadows of a sweetheart, not individuals. It seems nice, from the first sight, but the reality is rather sad. These poor people will not develop, they are stuck at one stage forever. Being far from each other, people get used to have space for personal growth. Even when they live together, they remember it and do everything possible not to deprive each other of this opportunity.

You will appreciate what you have

Being on distance, partners will never take each other and their love for granted. They really appreciate every moment spent together, every action done for a partner. In such couples relations are romantic and sensual, as people admire and miss their sweetheart’s laugh, smile, jokes, winks, each tiny detail.

Could you imagine the breathtaking passion between these two? It is incredible! They are like an air for each other. These partners are patient, understanding and never get mad at trifles. They really know the value of love.

Additionally, miles add more romance to relations. Both beloveds go out of their ways to make every date unforgettable, to colorize partner’s daily routine. They adore each other and are ready to do even the crazy things. Be sure, such a love story will be vivid, emotional, glorious, like a happy fairytale.

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If you do not believe high-flown words, we have dry statistics for you, numbers free of any emotional implication. According to it, 40% of married couples met each other online, on different platforms. Besides, almost 60% of long distance relations end up with marriage. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Mail order bride safety

This is a core point everyone is worrying about. The fear is justified, we should say, as deceit chases us everywhere, especially online. In no way it does not mean that all the dating providers are scammers. Moreover, a deceived person himself is the only one who should be blamed of it. So often we neglect the things that really matter, owing to laziness or inattentiveness.

We are pretty sure, there are a great number of us who do not read precisely the terms of use, before being registered on a site, or do not read it at all. That’s it! We save several minutes of our time then get what we deserve.

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Actually all the information about a certain platform, we need to know is on the surface: in site terms and the users’ feedbacks. If there is no obligatory verification of each account – it is not a reliable place. If there is a demand to pay for the services, you do not want to use – it is a sign of scam. Do not be silly and do not let yourself to be hooked on such simple tricks.

Typical man on a dating site

It is impossible to describe in all details the personality of male dating agencies’ members. Here is the same, like in offline life. You can come across an avid bachelor, sugar daddy, prideful peafowl, widower, man who just failed to meet a partner. To understand the inner world you have to read attentively his profile and if you are interested in a person – chat with him. Often just one conversation is enough to find out whether you can make a match.

The reasons to refer to a dating platform are the same as were depicted above. Some men are too busy with work, so this is the most convenient method for them to find a partner. Some are deeply attracted by passionate Latin beauties or sensual Asian cuties, but live far from their countries. Others are looking for a soulmate to create an amazing love story with.

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So the reasons may be different, but there is one thing, you may be sure in. A man is serious and fair in his intentions, whatever he wants. This is the core point of a dating site – to be honest, not to waste your or someone’s time. Everyone sees from the very beginning each other’s purposes and wishes. Dating platform is not a playground, it is a reality.


No doubt, people who are stuck in the past and do not use all the achievements of modern society miss a lot. Online dating site is a great modern opportunity to meet love, create reasonable, healthy and happy relationships. No pretense, no boundaries, no disappointment. Do not let prejudices prevent you from the most exciting experience.