Full Polish Mail Order Brides 101: Where To Meet These Beautiful Ladies?

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The best way to meet Polish brides is a Polish mail-order bride website. Here, you’ll find the best, the most popular, and the most trusted mail bride platforms with tens of thousands of beautiful ladies from this country!

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The number of Polish mail-order brides who got married to American men is not that high. It’s only 135 — 6 times less than in Russia or Ukraine, so Poland is definitely not the most popular mail-order bride country in Eastern Europe. However, Polish ladies are still great. They are extremely attractive, caring, and respectful — and they are different from other Eastern European women. Here, we’ll tell you all you want to know about Polish females.

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Why choose Polish women for marriage?

Polish girls are not your typical Slavic women. They are different from both the East and the West Slavs — and here, we’ll tell you why Polish mail order wives are worth your time.

  1. They are beautiful and stylish. Polish women look great, and even though they don’t spend as much time as Ukrainian or Russian girls on makeup and fitness, they still look gorgeous.
  2. They are devoted to their families (that’s a very common feature for most Slavic women).
  3. They are more Westernized than Ukrainian and Russian women (because Poland is generally more Westernized, democratic, and developed than these countries).
  4. However, they have more traditional views than women from the West when it comes to family roles — they see nothing wrong in choosing family over career and they don’t think there’s anything wrong with raising children and being stay-at-home wives.
  5. They are loyal to their husbands. Of course, we can’t say that 100% of them are like this, but cheating on a husband is not something that is widely tolerated in Poland.

How to meet Polish brides?

If you want to find a Polish bride, you need to use one of those Polish dating websites. Tens of thousands of beautiful Polish women are searching for an American husband or boyfriend right now — and the absolute majority of them use mail bride websites. These sites are cheap (definitely cheaper than a 1-week trip to Warsaw), they are convenient and easy-to-use (pretty much like all other dating websites), and they are full of Polish mail order brides. Approaching and meeting these women offline — say, in nightclubs — is much more time-consuming and is definitely not as convenient as online dating.

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What to do and what to avoid on a date with a Polish bride

The dating etiquette in Poland is different from the American one. But generally, all the things that work in the US do also work in Poland — here, we’ll tell you the 3 most important rules to follow if you want to have a successful date with a Polish mail-order wife.

  • Dress stylishly. This doesn’t mean you need to wear brand-new D&G clothes, of course. Your style needs to be clean, confident, comfortable, and modern — but it doesn’t necessarily have to look too expensive.
  • She’ll probably be quite reserved at first — don’t worry about it. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you, this is just how it works with Polish women.
  • Courtesy always works great with Polish mail-order wives. They typically love it when a man acts like a gentleman, especially on the first date.

Everything is clear with the does, but what about the don’ts? What you can’t do on a date with a Polish mail-order bride? We’ll tell you here:

  • Don’t turn your date into an interview. Yes, it’s important to keep the conversation flow, but don’t ask too many questions.
  • Don’t try to buy her or impress her with money. Just don’t!
  • Don’t be late — they would consider it rude.

Pros and cons of dating Polish mail-order brides

Dating a Polish wife online is a great idea — if you want to find out why continue reading!

  • Dating a Polish woman means having a caring and loyal partner.
  • These women are great cooks.
  • And of course, they are Intelligent, educated, and hard-working.

But these women are not perfect, obviously. Sometimes, they are too negative. They are often cold and reserved, especially on the first date. Almost always, they are quite demanding — it’s not like they are searching for a millionaire, of course, but it makes sense that they want to meet a financially stable man. But can you really call it a downside?

How to impress Polish girls?

Polish brides are different from American women — but there are actually no huge differences between Polish and American dating cultures. Here, we’ll tell you what to do to impress a Polish mail-order bride!

  1. Be confident and respectful.
  2. Show that you have serious intentions.
  3. Make a great first impression on her family.


Polish wives are great. They are Westernized and modern, educated and intelligent, gorgeous and loyal — and they are definitely worth dating if you’re interested in Slavic girls.