Getting Russian Mail Order Brides: a Full Guide with some Useful Tips for you

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The term “Russian Bride” is often used to refer to an international dating relationship. It is a way for single men to find a wife from Russia or Ukraine, or any other country in Eastern Europe. The term mail order bride can be traced back to the 1800s when the United States experienced a shortage of women and so brides were ordered by mail.

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In 2019, 815 Russian females got married to American men and entered the US on a K-1 (fiance) visa. This makes Russia one of the most popular mail order bride countries in Europe. To be precise, it’s the third most popular bride country in Europe, topped only by Ukraine (not surprisingly) and by the United Kingdom (not surprisingly at all). Here, we’ll tell you everything you wanted to know about Russian mail order brides!

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Why choose Russian women for marriage and dating?

Russian ladies are extremely popular among American men, as we’ve just said — and they are that popular for a good reason. Let’s take a look at the three reasons why single Russian girls are worth dating!

  • They speak English. About 17,500,000 (12%) Russians can speak English and obviously, the chances are very high to meet an English-speaking Russian bride if you focus on younger women from Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • They are very attractive. Russia always makes it to the top lists of the countries with the most beautiful women and you’ve probably heard about that Russian beauty.
  • Russian girls for marriage are typically more traditional when it comes to equal rights and family roles than women from the United States. However, they are not as obedient as one could expect — even though they live in a traditional society, modern Russian wives are strong and progressive. They — most of them — think that a woman is happy if her family is happy, that’s how it works with Russian mail order brides.

How to meet Russian brides?

It’s possible to meet a Russian bride in Russia — but you’ll have to spend a lot of time and money on it (and the chances are quite low, to be fair). A cheaper, faster, and generally more convenient option is online dating. There are lots of websites with thousands of women from this country — most of them are young, beautiful, have serious intentions, and can speak English. There is literally no better option than mail order bride platforms for any man who is searching for a Russian wife! Find wore than 500+ mail order brides from Russia are looking for marriage.

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What to do and what to avoid on a date with Russian mail order brides

  • Dress your best. Russian women always look great and they expect it from you.
  • Be confident. It’s a simple rule, but it’s 50% of success!
  • Get her an Uber after the date. That’s how they show that they care in Russia.

As for the things you should avoid, it’s simple — you don’t have to be too cold and reserved on the first date, you shouldn’t expect to have sex if it’s your first meeting, and you definitely shouldn’t offer her to split the bill.

Pros and cons of dating Russian girls

There are lots of great things about dating Russian brides. Here, we’ll talk about them:

  • If she really likes you and it’s a mutual feeling, she will be the most feminine, the most attractive, and the most charming lady you’ve ever met.
  • Russian beauties make great wives and mothers because of their culture, traditions, and other factors that define the role of women in Russian society.
  • Dating a Russian mail order wife means having a loyal partner who won’t betray you.

However, you also need to be aware of some downsides. Here they are:

  • There are some gold-diggers here. Well, it’s not a Russian problem only, of course — there are gold-diggers in any other country — but the problem is that the mail order bride industry is the industry that attracts romance scammers and gold-diggers more than anything else. However, it’s easy to not get scammed — just don’t send them money and you won’t have any problems.
  • Some Russian mail order brides are too controlling and too jealous. But this is not a problem that will arise after 5 or 10 years of marriage — it’s usually quite easy to understand if a girl is too controlling or not at the very beginning of the relationship.

How to impress Russian ladies?

Read these tips to understand what you’ll need to do on the first dates with Russian women:

  1. Bring a gift or flowers.
  2. Be a gentleman on the date.
  3. Don’t try to impress her with your money.
  4. Make compliments.
  5. Sooner or later, you’ll need to meet her family. It’s very important to make a great first impression on her parents at this stage.


Russian mail order wives are just great — traditional and strong, beautiful and loyal, intelligent and very fun to talk to. What’s more, there’s no need to waste thousands of dollars to meet them — just visit any Russian bride website, sign up for free, and start chatting!