Serbian Mail Order Brides Guide: How To Meet Them And What Are They Like

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Yet, the top question always remains the same: where does one find Serbian brides online? Check out the list of best mail order bride venues to start your romantic search before we move on!

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75 Serbian mail order brides got a K-1 visa in 2019. This means that 75 women from this country got married to American men and entered the US on a fiance visa. It’s not the least popular country in the world when it comes to mail order brides, of course — but it’s also nowhere close to such “mail bride giants” as Ukraine, the Philippines, or China. Here, we’ll tell you everything you wanted to know about Serbian females!

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Why choose Serbian women for marriage?

Girls from Serbia are different and saying that all of them are like this or like that is a huge generalization. Here, we’ll talk about the things most of them have in common:

  • Serbian mail order wives are romantic and feminine.
  • However, they are very strong — unfortunately, they just had to become strong and independent because of wars, conflicts, and poor economic conditions.
  • They are open-minded (despite the stereotypes). Yes, older generations of Serbians generally don’t feel great about America, but this can’t be applied to young Serbian women in their 20s and 30s. They are typically open-minded, tolerant, and have no prejudice against men from the US.

How to find Serbian brides?

The best way to find Serbian mail order brides is online. You don’t need to go to Serbia, you don’t need to pay for the tickets and for the hotel rooms without even knowing whom you’re going to visit. Just choose a Serbian mail order wife website, create an account (it’s usually free), and chat with thousands of beautiful Serbian ladies who want to meet a foreign man!

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Pros and cons of dating Serbian girls

First, let’s talk about the pros:

  1. Serbian wives have traditional values and views on family — in this regard they are pretty similar to Russians.
  2. They are active, spontaneous, and fun.
  3. They are very emotional.

Now, the problems — they will not necessarily arise in your relationship with a Serbian woman, but you should be aware of them:

  1. They are very devoted to their families and family-oriented, as we’ve said. This can be a problem because the family of your Serbian wife can be too active — to the extent where it can affect your relationship.
  2. They can be too jealous.
  3. Some men say Serbian brides are sometimes too controlling.


Serbian girls for marriage aren’t as popular among American men as women from some other European countries, that’s true. But what else is true is that Serbian ladies make great wives and love American men — so if you like Slavic women, you just can’t miss this country!