How To Find Bulgarian Mail Order Brides And Why It’s A Good Idea To Do So

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The very first thing to do to meet Bulgarian brides is to find a decent Bulgarian mail order bride site. Here, you’ll find the top list of the dating platforms that are 100% worth trying!

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In 2019, the number of new K-1 visa (a so-called “fiance” visa) holders from Bulgaria was quite low — only 66 Bulgarian women got married to American men that year. However, this does not mean Bulgarian mail order brides are not worth dating — they are very beautiful, traditional, feminine, and very loyal. Here, we’ll tell you how to find, meet, and date them!

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Why choose Bulgarian women for marriage?

  1. They are extremely beautiful. Due to various factors, modern Bulgarian wives look a bit like Slavic and South European women but with some differences.
  2. They are approachable, open-minded, and tolerant, which is just great taking into account that you’re a foreigner.
  3. They make great wives and mothers — and they see nothing wrong in being great wives, mothers, cooks, and housewives.
  4. They are very feminine and sensitive.

We can’t say that all brides from Bulgaria are like this, of course. It’s impossible to say that 100% of them are traditional and family-centered — for example, young Bulgarian girls for marriage from big cities are typically far from being conservative.

How to meet Bulgarian brides?

First, find a good Bulgarian bride website — read the reviews, test them yourself, and choose the best one. Then, start chatting with Bulgarian mail order brides. Then, get their contact information and initiate the date.

It’s really that easy and fast! Of course, there are no guarantees that you’ll find a wife on these websites, but the chances are much higher than if you decide to do it offline.

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What to do and what to avoid on a date with a Bulgarian bride

How to have a great date with a Bulgarian mail order wife? Follow these three rules:

  • Always pay the bill.
  • Call her the next day — don’t wait for 3 days after the date, there is no 3-day rule in Bulgaria.
  • .Get her an Uber to take her home after the date.

What about the things you should avoid on a date? Here they are:

  • Forget about personal jokes and jokes about their country or culture.
  • Don’t say anything stereotypical — Bulgarian women hate it (as well as mail order brides from any other country in the world).

Pros and cons of dating Bulgarian girls

Let’s begin with the pros. What do you need to know before you start dating a Bulgarian wife online?

  1. They are very emotional. If you are tired of cold and shy women, you’ll love Bulgarian brides!
  2. Most Bulgarian females have traditional views on the family roles where women are nurturers and men are providers.
  3. However, young Bulgarian mail order wvies are typically well-educated, hard-working, and (sometimes) career-driven.

As for the cons, the list is not that long:

  1. They can be too emotional sometimes — some men describe it as “too loud”.
  2. Not all of them speak English, so you’ll have to deal with the language barrier problem.

How to impress Bulgarian mail order brides?

Impressing a Bulgarian bride is not the easiest task in the world — but it’s also not that difficult. Follow these three rules and you’ll enjoy dating Bulgarian girls!

  • Always be yourself and always be straightforward.
  • Do not make them jealous because you don’t want to deal with the consequences.
  • Show them that your intentions are serious — it’s very important for women from Bulgaria to understand that you’re not searching for a one-night stand.


The only thing you need to do to find thousands of Bulgarian ladies is to create an account on a Bulgarian bride platform. Chat with thousands of women, arrange the dates, meet them — it’s really that simple and that fast!