Getting Slovakian Mail Order Brides: Answers To All Your Questions

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Here, you’ll find the list of the best dating platforms with thousands of Slovakian brides. They offer free registration, so you just need to choose any website and create an account to start chatting with all those beautiful girls!

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Slovakia is one of the least popular European mail order bride countries. Thus, only 22 Slovakian females got married to men from the US in 2019. This country is a hidden gem of Europe in terms of mail brides — and here, we’ll tell you everything you wanted to know about Slovakian mail order brides.

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Why choose Slovakian women for marriage?

  1. Slovakian ladies are extremely beautiful — they usually have blonde hair, blue eyes, and very attractive facial features.
  2. They are emotional and they are definitely not as cold as Czech, Polish, or Russians.
  3. They are very direct and straightforward — if a Slovakian wife doesn’t like something, she won’t sugarcoat it.
  4. Slovakian wives are fun and very interesting to talk to — so if you date a Slovakian bride, you will never get bored!

That’s not all, obviously — there are lots of reasons why Slovakian mail order brides are worth dating. These are only the most important ones but we’ll talk about some other advantages of dating a Slovakian woman later.

How to find Slovakian brides?

You can go to Slovakia, pay for the hotel, and start approaching women on the streets of Bratislava. It’s expensive and very time-wasting — but what’s more important, your chances to meet a bride this way are extremely low.

Online dating is much more convenient and fast. You just choose a website with Slovakian mail order wives, sign up, upload some photos, and that’s all — after that, you can chat with thousands of young and single women from this country!

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Pros and cons of dating Slovakian females

Dating a Slovakian mail order wife is a great thing. Here, you’ll find three more reasons why:

  • Slovakian brides are loyal to their husbands.
  • They are not as career-driven as Western women.
  • And they are also not too shy — it’s the golden mean between being too obedient and too independent.

Now, let’s talk about the problems that potentially arise:

  • Slovakian girls for marriage can be hot-tempered sometimes.
  • They are not too traditional. If you’re looking for an obedient stay-at-home wife, you probably need to focus on other countries and regions.
  • They can be quite talkative.


Slovakia is a hidden gem of Europe when it comes to mail order brides. These women are modern, feminine, fun, and exceptionally attractive — and if this combination sounds interesting, Slovakia is definitely a worthy option for you.